Rise of Prussia Gold - Patch 1.11

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Für: PC Version
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Changelog Patch 1.11 (englisch):

Game logic
Fixed bug in combining units together.
Reconnaissance Party now also removes 1 hide point to the enemy units (if played adjacent) or add 1 hide point to your units (if played in the same region as your army). In addition to the control change. Don't affect raiders and skirmishers.

AI less aggressive in some instances.
AI form up brigades much more efficiently.
AI less prone to siege with cavalry.
AI less prone to build Redoubts.
New AI algorithm to collect idle leaders.

Modding & Scripting
Diplomacy levels exported. Now it's possible to have a separate value for sharing intelligence, passage rights and supply rights.

Several issues with the events fixed.

Scenarios & Campaigns
The multiplayers campaign has now the 3 allies not sharing field of view.

Several issues with the units database fixed.
Colors for filters 5 and 6 (grand regions & theatres) have been restored.

Graphics / Interface
Added missing filters and top bar graphics.
Bird graphic replaced when opening regional decisions.
Corrected VP Count in the Objectives Ledger page.
Fixed overlapping icons in the ledger.

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