Last Stand Arnhem - Patch 5.60.53

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Größe: 78,2 MB
Für: PC Version
Sprache: alle

Changelog Patch 5.60.53 (englisch):

o Fixed several issues that could cause a crash at the end of a battle, possibly resulting in the loss of the saved game file.
o Fixed several bugs with supply propagation across maps with blown bridges. This corrects multiple issues where supply could sometimes flow across a blown bridge, allowing incorrect bridge repair and reinforcements.
o Fixed an issue with moving between two maps with multiple connections. When maps are linked by two connections, and the use of one link would require a river crossing while the other would not, a battle group moving via both links will get a normal entry zone on the near side of the river and a smaller entry zone across the river, with deployment on the far side limited to infantry teams.
o Fixed a multi-player bug where host and client could get out of sync if two opposing battle groups both rest for at least one turn (avoiding a battle) and then only one player cancels his rest order without moving the battle group off the map.
o Fixed bug where supply could propagate incorrectly.
o Fixed bug with repair of a blown bridge could cause an error when you reloaded the saved game.
o Fixed bug where using the Relieve order in multi-player game could cause the host and client to be out of sync.

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