Germany at War: Barbarossa 1941 - Patch 1.03

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Größe: 70,9 MB
Für: PC Version
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Changelog Patch 1.03 (englisch):

• General
o This version is now bilingual English and German

• Fixed:
o bug with shadow map with new nvidia driver
o replaced old values of the Romanian airforce
o airborne units cannot receive reinforcments anymore
o wrong attack values for some bombers (stormbringer3)
o Ju-88 C-6 is now fighter not bomber

• Changed:
o some GUI adjustments

Changelog Patch 1.02 (englisch):

• Fixed
o Disappearing units if embarked troops enter combat
o Loss of resources in single maps if a newly recruited unit was disbanded before it was deployed
o Formations were lost during change of maps (VR_IronFist)

• Changed

o Deploy hexes can only be used once. As soon as a unit placed on it takes part in actions (movement, combat, recon) the deploy hex vanishes.
o Much higher range and lower ammo for aircraft

• Added

o Player set bonus resources are displayed at the beginning of a turn
o During deployment the undo button can be used to get a unit back into the HQ as long as it has not been moved
o Paratroops can be placed in airborne mode if air deploy hexes are available
o Units can be removed from or added to view by pressing 'F9' to see the terrain
o Unit modifier "Close air support": Will be activated during attacks of tactical bombers if friendly ground units are adjacent to the attacked enemy. Chance of 50% of up to +7 strength.
o Unit modifier "Battlefield air interdiction": Will be activated during attacks of strategic bombers if friendly ground units are adjacent to the attacked enemy. Chance of 50% of up to +20% disruption.
o Sashes and tooltips indicate the armies / army groups a unit is in
o Options for adjusting density of hex markings (both borders and highlights)
o A selected unit on the map will also be selected in the HQ (Stechkin)
o Infantry can abandon vehicles if they run out of fuel. The vehicles are lost in the field then.

• Archangelsk-Astrakhan

o Adjusted the number of deploy hexes to new rules

• Crimea

o Added Romanian reinforcements in turn 5
o Removed Objectives Kerch, Sudak and Feodosia

• Single maps

o Minsk

- Fixed Recruitment without deploy hexes (Bismarck)

o Vyazma

- Fixed map so it could be won (jiangzhouzi)

o Zhitomir (single and multiplayer)

- Fixed destroyed artillery to count for victory (jiangzhouzi)

o Zitadelle

- Added Soviet reinforcements if Germans approach Kursk
- Added several fortified positions

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