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Für: PC Version
Sprache: alle verfügbaren Sprachen

Changelog (englisch):

o Several in-game screens open much faster now. Optimized screens include: Construction Yards, Ships and Bases, Colonies, Troops, Expansion Planner.

o Fixed threading-related issues that happen while playing a very big game on a very fast machine.

o Fixed crash that was found in German DW ROTS.

o Fixed problems with saving and loading Empire Policy files on PCs with some non-English regional settings. To test this fix: change the regional settings to a language that uses different decimal format (e.g. French) and test saving altered Empire Policy files from the Empire Policy screen. Check that altered policy files correctly reload the changed values.

o Some missing Empire Policy settings are now properly saved: Allow sabotage mission: Destroy base, Allow sabotage mission: Assassinate character, Never recruit troops until colony population reaches X threshold.

o Added comprehensive fallback options for weapons selection in AI ship designs (as per DW Shadows). This will ensure that AI military ships always have weapons, even when preferred weapon type has not yet been researched.

o Added .Net Framework 4.0, which DW: Legends now requires, to the update installer.


Changelog (englisch):

>>> Changelog Distant Worlds - Legends - Patch <<<

Changelog (englisch):

This is the first official update for Distant Worlds: Legends. It includes many fixes and improvement. We recommend that all owners of Distant Worlds: Legends update to this version.


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