Advanced Tactics: Gold - Patch 2.15i

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Download Advanced Tactics: Gold - Patch 2.15i

Größe: 36,2 MB
Für: PC Version
Sprache: alle

Changelog Patch 2.15i (englisch):

o Added code to prevent the freak memory bug with the new windows 7 KB 2670838 update, also improved games memory consumption.
o Fixed some rare ai bug
o Fixed some issues with intelligence card and made training card now able to select any HQ in chain under command of officer in question.
o "If you dont have the PP for HQ+officer you cannot make HQ without officer even if you have the PP" issue solved
o "Officer pool inspect officer details makes viewing map officers impossible" issue fixed.
o English officer low staff points issue fixed
o Added new variant for random games: cheap research
o Issue with AI stockpiling to much troops fixed
o Issue with extreme amount of troops in battles fixed (>4000 individuals)
o AI transfer algorithm improved
o AI Supply and Staff production algorithm improved
o AI Naval production much improved
o AI Naval use much improved
o AI some HQ chains transfer algorithms improved
o Added some checks and execs
o New generic2.at2 file fixed the gfx problem with alt.gfx
o New form open mechanic to fix win8 problems.

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